Entry #9

Just designed an album cover!

2009-06-18 18:32:52 by ResidentOEvil

I have used my amazing flash skillz to create an album cover for my friend's band. The band's name is Toxic Kitty. Christian offered to pay me but I instead opted for a Rapemonster theme song.

You can check out the band here if you like.

Image is copyright by me, for use by the Toxic Kitty Band
(not like any of you would be stupid enough to use it, as the band's name is on the image)

Just designed an album cover!


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2009-10-13 23:22:42

That's pretty cool.


2009-10-20 17:34:11

I fucking lol'd when I heard their vocals.


2010-05-24 22:22:25

ok :)